figma 化物語 千石撫子

figma 化物語 千石撫子
figma 化物語 千石撫子
¥ 3,291

Model production: Shy "Sengoku pink" extreme than max factory, Maki Asai popularity animated cartoon "monster word" is an appearance in figma.

●With figma original joint parts fixed smoothly and properly, I reproduce every scene of the in a play.
●I secure excursion without breaking a proportion by using the soft material for the point.
●The expression prepared "a shy face" like the pink in addition to "a normal face" and "the slight smile" of a gentle expression.
●"The jacket" putting on on "a hat" and the shoulder of the trademark is removable. Furthermore, there was it, and the jacket for the exchange that could express pulse-like movement did it.
●It is attached with "the lucky charm" which I grasped when I pay the "arm parts and spell that a pose like pink crossing a hand in before can reproduce for exchange".
●A pedestal for exclusive use of movable figma with a prop enabling various scenes is bundled.