Tony’sヒロインコレクション 電脳妖精アイオーン・リーネ 1/6 完成品フィギュア

Tony’sヒロインコレクション 電脳妖精アイオーン・リーネ 1/6 完成品フィギュア
Tony’sヒロインコレクション 電脳妖精アイオーン・リーネ 1/6 完成品フィギュア
¥ 12,220

Model production: 右藏

"Cyber fairy アイオーン リーネ" appears for "the Tony's heroine collection" to make a popular illustrator, the illustration which Mr. Tony draws a solid in a motif!
She is fairy type humanoid interface living in the cyber world, and the people of various countries guide network space flocking like a wave not to hesitate.
It carries the autonomy growth form AI which I accumulate information and experience, and evolves, and herself grows up.

右藏氏 which there are many models of the Tony character, and deals with the illustration which is the attractiveness that became the first to go out with "comic market 88" international affairs department poster of the summer of 2015, the dynamism of the illustration is just three-dimensional attractively.
I reproduced it by minute molding based on a back part and the setting that had I drew it, and Mr. Tony wake up the petty person such as hair ornaments not to be able to read by the illustration.

About the coloring, I reflect costume material setting by the interview and the part which is different in material changes feel of a material and expresses even a color of a similar shade.
In addition, I use according to image clear parts of the illustration for a feather or a visor, and Frost gives the painting of clearing it because the hair expresses lightness, and it is with the highlight finish until the end of.
A design harking back to an electronic circuit pattern and the pedestal that parts were comprised all of clear blue enhance a view of the world of the figure skating still more.